Vanilla White Stabilizer

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Size: 2 oz

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Vanilla Stabilizer is used to keep your soap and personal care products from turning brown when fragrance oils contain the ingredient vanilla. To use vanilla stabilizer we recommend mixing the stabilizer and fragrance oil together, then mix the stabilizer fragrance oil combination with your soap and personal care products. To start we recommend using 1% of vanilla stabilizer with your melt & pour soap bases and unscented bath products. For example: When working with 16 oz (2 cups) of an unscented base you would add 1 tsp of stabilizer to fragrance. Stabilizer will have a sour smell. The smell will not affect your product. Customers making CP soap will need to test amounts. These are suggested amounts only. Wellington recommends you conduct in house testing to determine the correct ratios for your finished products. Results may differ due to recipe.

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