Lavender (French) Essential Oil

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Size: 16 oz

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Floral and herbaceous, French lavender essential oil offers a fresh aroma that is a must for relaxing and calming. Not only is it used for both energizing and relaxing, but also for creating a balanced mind. French lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils used in aromatherapy and can rejuvenate and inspire a tired person or relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense. Apply a few drops of French lavender essential oil to a tissue and inhale or place on your pillow for a restful sleep. Add 5 drops to a hot bath for a blissful retreat, and infuse it into homemade soaps and body gels. Add a few drops to your laundry rinse, your drawers, and the water reservoir of your iron for fresh smelling laundry.

Botanical Name: Lavendula Officinalis Hybrida

Origin: France

Appearance: Viscous Amber liquid

Refractive Index: 1.457 - 1.464 @ 20°C

Flash Point: 156°F

Specific Gravity: .880 - .888 @ 25°C

Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils

Storage: Store in a cool place in closed container

Safety: Harmful if swallowed, avoid contact with eyes

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