Body Mist/Linen & Room Spray Base (Cyclomethecone)

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Size: 16 oz

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To create a custom perfume or a refreshing room mist, pair our pour body mist/room & linen base with your favorite fragrance oil. The end result will be a luxurious product that refreshes and inspires.

How to Create Your Own Body Mists and Room Sprays
Creating body mists and room sprays is easy and fun. To make a spray mist, simply pour the body mist/room & linen base in a bottle and add your favorite fragrance oil. Suggested usage is approximately 2 ounces of fragrance oil with 6 ounces of the room and linen base, which will create 8 ounces of finished product. (Or, use 4 ounces of fragrance oil with 12 ounces of the room & linen base to create 16 ounces.) The finished product will be a mist that feels silky to the touch. Packaging in aluminum cosmo with fine mist sprayer is recommended not all fragrances will blend perfectly.

Make sure to store it in PET containers and not PVC, as the PVC can breakdown over time.

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