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Wellington Fragrance offers over 70 quality essential oils at affordable prices that are commonly used in aromatherapy and soap making. Located in Michigan, Wellington Fragrance is a trusted provider of essential oils that are available for both personal and bulk use.

Whether you’re looking for an essential oil to create custom soaps at home or to create products for a nationwide chain, Wellington Fragrance has the capacity and products to fit your needs. Shop our essential oil products today to find the items you need.

Our Essential Oils

We pride ourselves on supplying quality and affordable essential oils that can be used in a wide variety of applications, and they come in a variety of sizes. Any Wellington Fragrance essential oil can be used individually, but they can also be mixed with other essential oils to create a custom scent. In fact, we have a line of essential oil blends including Meditation Essential Oil, Relaxing Essential Oil, Serenity Essential Oil, and Vitality Essential Oil.

We offer the following essential oil products:

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Reliable and Quick Shipment

Wellington Fragrance offers both national and international shipment of our products, including our essential oils. Our products are ready for shipment, so you can be sure that you’ll receive your order quickly.

About Essential Oils

An essential oil is created by extracting the natural products of different parts of plants, like flowers, fruits, and roots. They are natural oils that are often used to create fragrant items like lotions and soaps. They’re also known to have powerful benefits. Depending on which one you choose, essential oils can be used to calm, sooth, or refresh.

Get the Essential Oils You Need Today

Find the essential oil or oils you need by shopping our selection today. Our online shopping experience is smooth and simple, but please call us toll free at (800) 411-3593 with any questions you may have. If you’re calling internationally, please dial (734) 261-5531.