Simple MELT and POUR SOAP Recipe

Items Needed:
Double Boiler or Microwave Oven
Melt and Pour Soap Base
Premium Grade Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil
Soap Molds
Optional Liquid Pigments

Melt soap base in double boiler or microwave oven. Do not let the soap boil.

Add pigments as desired.Pale shades .01% or less; Medium Shades (red, blue, yellow) .05% - 0.1%;Dark Shades .3%

Add Fragrance oil (approx. one tablespoon) or Essential Oil (approx. one teaspoon) per pound of soap.

Pour soap into mold and let rest until soap solidifies.

These directions are suggestions only. In house testing should be conducted to determine the correct ratios for your finished products. The recipe displayed above is not guaranteed by Wellington Fragrance. We recommend you do your own in house testing. Testing in house will allow you to adjust formulas to create your own quality finished products.