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Uses: Shea Butter is able to be absorbed quickly into the skin and is excellent for dry skin, stretch marks, cracked heels, peeling (due to sunburn) and evening skin tone. It has been proven clinically to prevent not only stretch marks but to have anti aging properties and is able to promote the healing of burns while minimizing any scarring. Shea Butter is also used to relieve aching muscles and to treat rheumatism. Ideal ingredient to use in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products such as soap, body butters, lotions, salves etc...It can be used in high proportions without fear of causing an allergic reaction and is an easy ingredient to add to many types of emulsions. It also makes a great carrier as it actually helps to prevent allergenic reactions without altering the active principles of the product it is added to. Odor: Due to the refining process it is deodorized and has little to no odor Shelf Life: 1-2 years if stored in a dark room temperature environment