8 oz.
Price: $12.95

16 oz. (1 lb.)
Price: $23.95

5 - 24 lb. (price per lb.)
Price: $22.70

25 lbs
Price: $540.00

An oil based product that you can add to eliminate odors. The Odor neutralizer will get rid of the odor - not just mask it.


Candles: 5.00% added to the fragrance for candle

Soap bar: 5.00% -7.5%  added to the fragrance for bar soap

Reed Diffusers: 5.00%

Room Spray: 3.00% - 5.00%


•             Odor eliminating/neutralizing/modifying   technology

•             Odor removing technology

•             Malodor reducing system

•             Effective and permanent odor elimination proprietary technology

•             Eliminates common odors

•             Long lasting freshness

•             Neutralizes odor molecules, doesn’t cover them up odor control technology

•             Stink molecule remover

•             Doesn’t just mask, cleans away malodors


Candles of all types (including encased), linen sprays,  Laundry detergents for machine wash , Automated air fresheners and fragrancing of all types (concentrated aerosol with metered doses (range 0.05- 0.5mL/spray), plug-ins, closed systems, solid substrate, membrane delivery, electrical, powders, fragrance sachets, incense, liquid refills (cartridge), air freshening crystals) Air delivery system.  Many more uses see IFRA sheet online under product for more usages.

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