Candle Wax

Candle making is an art, and candle wax is at the center of it. As a trusted candle supplier among candle makers for nearly 20 years, Wellington Fragrance offers various candle waxes, including bees wax, slab wax, and soy flake/granulated wax. Find the candle wax you need by shopping our site today, and you’ll see how affordable our prices are and how easy it is to shop on our website.

Beyond Candle Wax - Candle Complements

In addition to offering candle wax options, Wellington Fragrance has everything you need to create quality candles that soothe, calm, and excite. We have over 500 fragrance oils, 70 essential oils, and a line of organic essential oils that will enhance your candles with pleasant scents. Additionally, we offer the following candle products:

Wellington offers top quality candle products without compromising affordability. Our products come in various sizes so you can order just the amount you need, and wholesale discount pricing is available.

About Our Products

Wellington’s liquid candle dyes are highly concentrated and can be used in both wax and gel, and our cotton and zinc core wicks are available in five sizes.  Additionally, candle additives are used to improve candle strength, hardness, and opacity.

For everything all in one, try a candle kit! It comes complete with apothecary jars, soy wax, premium grade traditional scents of your choice, pre-tabbed cotton wicks, and stearic acid. It’s the perfect kit for DIY candle makers or for large-scale companies looking to sample our candle making supplies.

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Shop our site today to find top of the line, affordable candle waxes. Give us a call at (800) 411-3593 for assistance or questions. If you’re calling internationally, please dial (734) 261-5531. Or contact us via email

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