Candle Making Supplies

Candle Dye

Wellington's highly concentrated liquid candle dye is soluble and safe for use in both wax and gel. Each candle dye will generate different shades by adjusting the amount used. Due to the high quality of these candle dyes, we suggest a 0.01% to 0.03% starting point. Recommended usage of our concentrated candle dyes: To obtain a medium shade of color, we suggest approximately 0.03% dye. This is approximately five or six drops of color per pound of wax. For large batches, one pound of liquid dye will color over 2,000 pounds of wax. Use more or less candle dye depending on the desired shade. It is important to use a consistent method of dispensing the dye into your products to reproduce batch results. The suggested usage will vary for each color and shade depending upon wax, additives and formulation. Discount, bulk and wholesale candle dye by Wellington.